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Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Park Home Owners

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Why Do I Need Platinum Seal Warranty Cover On My New Home?

If you are buying a newly-manufactured park home you are likely to be investing a significant amount of money in this purchase, so the last thing you will want is something happens to your home which will require you to spend more money to put it right.

Who Can Apply For Platinum Seal Structural Warranty Cover And How Is It Paid For?

Platinum Seal registered builders apply for Platinum Seal cover when they register the homes they manufacturer with the scheme. Your manufacturer pays the premium directly to the insurer.

Your manufacturer includes the Platinum Seal warranty and insurance cover when selling the newly manufactured Residential Park or Leisure Home because the cost is included in the purchase price of the new home.

Does Platinum Seal Cover Me Against All Faults And Defects?

Platinum Seal is not a complete guarantee against all defects.

Platinum Seal is an insurance policy which covers you against specified risks which could be very expensive to put right. It does not provide cover for general wear and tear, condensation, normal shrinkage, damage arising from failure to maintain the property, or minor faults which first appear after the first year.

For full details you should read your copy of the Platinum Seal Warranty Agreement booklet which specifies the cover provided. The Platinum Seal Warranty Agreement belongs to you so make sure you ask your Park Operator that they have completed the registration of your home, so you receive this important agreement.

What Does Platinum Seal Cover And When Does It Start?

A specimen copy of the Platinum Seal policy is available which gives a complete description of the current cover provided.

Generally, the insurance cover we provide will depend on the type of policy you have. It is therefore important that you read your own documents for specific information.

For homes registered with Platinum Seal cover is divided into three main parts and is summarised below:

  • The first 12 months from when you first occupied the home.
  • A further 12 months from the anniversary date when you first took occupation of the home.
  • Cover in years 3 to 10.

Can I Claim On My Platinum Seal Warranty?

Platinum Seal cover is divided into two main parts:

  • Cover during the first 2 years (from the date shown on the Ten Year Platinum Seal Warranty Agreement and Insurance Certificate).
  • Cover during years 3 to 10.

The steps you should take vary depending on how long Platinum Seal Cover has been in operation.

Look carefully at your Platinum Seal documents, which you should have received for precise details of the cover provided on your home.

It is important to check for the number of your insurance policy and the commencement date of the cover.

We will be able to respond more quickly if you are able to quote the policy number.

What If I Sell My Home Before The Ten Years Expire?

If you sell your home while Platinum Seal is still in force, the benefit of the balance of the cover automatically transfers to the new owners.

You should pass all Platinum Seal documents to the new owner and they should notify us of the change of ownership.