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Leisure Park Home Structural Warranty

The Platinum Seal Warranty Scheme is the only 'Insured' Leisure Park Home Manufacturers Structural Warranty Scheme for the Park Home Industry. Platinum Seal cover provides a similar form of cover that is more commonly associated to a conventional bricks and mortar home.

All homes covered by Platinum Seal are insured for a wide range of structural defects that could occur during the first 10 years after manufacture. This means structural faults that occur during this period will be taken care of with the minimum of fuss providing purchasers of new Leisure Park Homes with total peace of mind in the quality and durability of Leisure Park Homes. Platinum Seal cover is only available from selected Platinum Seal 'Approved' Manufacturers. In addition, should your manufacturer not be around to help in the future, the insurers of Platinum Seal could (subject to cover provided) fulfil the obligations of your manufacturer.

Who Is Platinum Seal?

Platinum Seal has been providing specialist insured protection for Leisure Park Homes since 2005 covering over £40million worth of Park and Leisure Homes manufactured. The Platinum Seal scheme is underwritten by Assist Insurance Company Ltd. Unlike any other scheme, Platinum Seal provides insured protection for Leisure Park Homes (excluding fleet hire and homes used for commercial use). All homes must be built to BS3632 (a separate product is available for homes built to EN1647 standards). Additional terms and conditions may also apply.

Why Do I Need A Warranty?

Although important, it's not just to do with making sure your home is protected against structural defects as a structural defect can be expensive to repair, and without this cover it is likely that your manufacturer is only responsible for such defects for the first 12 months of you owning the home, but also if you decide to sell your home before your warranty expires, a Platinum Seal Warranty will make your property more attractive to buyers giving you a real competitive advantage in what is a highly competitive market.